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COVID 19 Information 

We can all agree that this year has been challenging and scary. COVID 19 changed the way schools, businesses and our daily lives have run. 


We here at McKenna Academy of Dance understand that you want to make the best decisions for your children and families and we want nothing but the best for our dance families, staff and our community as well! 


As such, here is what we are doing to keep everyone safe and healthy throughout these trying times: 


  • disinfecting all floors, ballet barres, mats, and heavily touched surfaces every night/ in-between classes. 

  • Temperature checks when your dancer walks through the door. 

  • Hand sanitizing before and after class 

  • safe distances between dancers in class 

  • small class sizes 

  • limiting the number of people in and out of the studio by asking parents to drop off dancers at the doors instead of entering the building

  • All of our instructors will be wearing masks. 

  • Not allowing communal water dispensers; we ask all dancers to bring their own water for class. 

  • Plenty of spaced out seating to endure when students are not dancing, they have adequate space in between each other. 

  • Asking our dancers, families and staff to stay home if they, or anyone in their families are not feeling well. Our usual attendance policy will not be enforced this season. 


Please know that your safety is our main priority! 


If you have any questions, comments or concerns over our policies, please don't hesitate to reach out! We want you all to feel comfortable sending your kids to a safe and healthy dancing space, this season and always! 


Covid 19
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