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About Us

Originally Crino Dance and Gymnastic Arts, created by Sally Crino in 1973, our dancing school offers lessons for children age 4 to Adults. Rosanne Chesbro assumed ownership in 1998 and has expanded offerings for; pre-school , Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Pom (Cheer dance without stunting), Irish soft-shoe and hard shoe, and Adult Dance. Our newest owner,  Jessie McKenna took ownership in the Summer of 2018. Jessie holds a Bachelors degree in business and spanish as well as accolades such as 19th in the region ranking Irish dancer, Dance Masters of America Trainee and a TCRG Cantidate of the CLRG.

We encourage the creativity and free spirited-ness that dance gives to kids and adults of all ages. We believe that dance is not only good for the body, but for the mind, spirit and lends to building well-rounded people!

We welcome you to dance, learn, grow and create with us!


1. How do I register for classes?


You may attend our open house for easy registration. You can also schedule a meeting with Miss Jessie to register outside of Open House times! Call (716) 366-8295 or Email 

2. Why can't my _ year old do tap, hip hop, pointe etc? 

Our studio follows a tried and true, age appropriate dance curriciulum based on developmental ability. Abilities such as standing on one foot come from inner ear development which doesn't fully develop until about age 6. 

Pointe is a form of dance that can be very damaging to children because of the body weight being put on your toes. Growth plates in a child's foot should determine if they are ready for pointe shoes. We wait until age 12 and acquired foot /ankle strength to put dancers on pointe for safety's sake.

Jazz and hip hop come later when children have a better sense of body alignment and can more easily isolate their different parts. 

3. What are the terms of payment?

We accept cash, check and credit cards through Square. 

Dancewear can be purchased with any of these. Gift cards are also available. 

Tuition can be payed Year in Full or an autopay must be set up with a credit/ debit card through Square Invoices. 

4. Can I watch my dancer in class?

Traditionally, classes are on a drop off- basis. Parents are expected to leave for the duration of the class. This helps children to better adjust to the class without the aid of their parent and for the teacher and student to develop a better relationship. 

Exceptions can be made for first time class attendance. 

Jessie McKenna is the owner of McKenna Academy and has been dancing since the age of 4.  She grew up as a competitive Irish dancer with Clann Na Cara in Buffalo.


Miss Jessie holds a Bachelors degree in Spanish and Dance studio administration. Jessie likes to attend continuing education courses such as Dance Masters of America's Teacher Training School. She has attended Rhee Gold's Dance Life Teacher conference and she is currently working on her TCRG certification. 

Miss Jessie is also finishing up her Masters of the Arts in Irish Dance studies from the University of Limerick in Ireland! 


Miss Jessie  teaches all of our Irish classes as well as ballet and tap for ages 5-12 as well as some jazz, and the preschool classes! 

Miss. Andreanna grew up as a dancer at Crino Dance Arts as a Dunkirk native and is now teaching for us all these years later! Miss Andreanna teaches Ballet, tap and jazz for 9-11 year olds as well as Tap for 12 and up. 

Miss Leah is a dance major at Fredonia State and originally hails from Long Island. She has extensive ballet training and she is our Pre-Pointe and pointe instructor! 

Miss Andrea is a Buffalo native and a senior dance major at Fredonia State. Miss Andrea teaches Contemporary, solos, Tap and Jazz for our high School aged classes as well as being a choreographer for our competition team. 

Miss Caitlin grew up in Rochester, NY and is an education major at Fredonia State. Miss Caitlin works at the daycare center on the Fredonia Campus. Miss Caitlin teaches hip hop, pom, lyrical and musical theater! 

All of our teachers have rich backgrounds for what they teach, as well as a love for our art and working with children! You can be confident that your child will feel welcomed at McKenna Academy of Dance! 

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